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My Game IQ

“Play Smart. Play on mygameIQ.”  mygameIQ is out and I recommend it to all gamers on PC’s.

mygameIQ was developed by Pragmatic Solutions, and is a download manager for video games.  A download manager is something that makes it simpler for you to play a bunch of files…  just like iTunes manages all your MP3 files, now mygameIQ can manage all your game files on your PC.  Download and install the mygameIQ application and get access to a diverse catalog of games through a fun, easy to navigate interface, including Immune Attack!  Then whenever you want to play Immune Attack, open mygameIQ on your PC, go to Immune Attack and click PLAY.

What we here at FAS love about mygameIQ is that we can see how many people play Immune Attack and for how long each time.  And we are thrilled to report that people play Immune Attack many times, and on average 3 hours at a time.  Yes, that is correct.  Somebody is “studying” molecular biology for 3 hours straight, voluntarily.

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