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The benefits of playing videogames may surprise you.

Here is a current article that talks about the different benefits of playing video games.

The Office of Naval Research posted an article about its program officer Dr. Ray Perez and his research discussing the benefits of playing video games.

If you’re interested in the subject I found a great paper from 2005 about Learning Games.

The Academic Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Lab members David Williamson Shaffer, Richard Halverson, Kurt R. Squire, and James P. Gee wrote an amazing paper about how video games may be the future of learning.  They discuss how video games can teach us so much more than how to use a gun.  They discuss how video games can teach a 14 year old politics, a normal person complex modeling, and help kids with cancer take better care of themselves. To find the paper use this link and scroll down to Joint Papers and find the working paper titled “Before every child is left behind: How epistemic games can solve the coming crisis in education.”

Don’t forget the FAS National Summit on Educational Games Report. The summit brought together more than one hundred experts to examine how to harness the power of video games for learning.  This report is widely cited and contains a collection of the reasons in favor of using games and simulations in education as well the issues that need to be addressed if industry and education are to be able to collaborate on learning games.

2 Responses to The benefits of playing videogames may surprise you.

  1. autocadgirl

    Great blog! I read both articles and they were both very interesting. I love hearing a positive side to gaming and I think incorporating a scientific stance behind them will really help prove to the public that they can be used as a good influence in children’s lives. Thanks for posting these articles, Seth!

  2. Seth

    No problem Autocadgirl I’m glad you liked them! I also agree that it is important for the public to know that videogames can have a positive effect on people’s lives.

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