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Video Games and the Second Life of Science Class. Cell, 141:201.
Amy Maxmen wrote about us for Cell wrote an excellent story about games in education, the President’s STEM initiative (that involved a STEM games challenge to game developers and Immune Attack.  Check us out!  Click here for the PDF.

AAAS Annual Meeting, 2010
Melanie Stegman presented her work on Immune Attack and evidence for learning and confidence gained by players at the AAAS meeting. Video games are becoming a a widely accepted tool for education and assessment of learning.  Focus is starting to shift toward building the assessment into the game itself.

How Social Gaming is Improving Education.
Greg Ferenstein

Video games take bigger role in education
John Gaudiosi

2010 American Society for Cell Biology, ASCB
Melanie Stegman presents Immune Attack to scientists.
Melanie Stegman presented a poster about the learning and confidence gained by students playing Immune Attack.  The American Society of Cell Biology.  Click here to read the abstract.

Education Week: Informal Experiences Can Go a Long Way in Teaching …

27 Jan 2009
A new study finds solid evidence that educational television and games can boost students’ scientific knowledge.
Education Week American Education News… –
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