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WHY DONATE?  The best reason is that 100% of your donation will go toward game development.  Who cares about game development?   Well, have you ever wanted to feel like you are walking on the surface of a cell?  Have you wondered what the micro environment of a receptor looks like?  Can you remember when you first learned about proteins?  Do your remember being confused, overwhelmed and wondering why you have to memorize such irrelevant stuff?

Immune Attack shows proteins in their own world.  Players need to solve problems by placing proteins where they can do their jobs.  Players don’t need to memorize names; they need to use what they learn on the fly to save the patient!  It just happens that a team of scientists and teachers made sure that what they learn on the fly corresponds to the basic principles of cell biology.

We are developing Immune Attack 2.0 right now.  We are using data we gain by testing Immune Attack 1.0 with 7th graders through 12th graders.  Are these players learning the difference in scale between a cell and a protein (ie, micro and nano scales?)  If not, how can we make that more clear?  Do our players learn that cells can respond to their environment by altering protein expression?  If not, how can we make that more clear?

Immune Attack is a really innovative project.  No one else is attempting such an ambitious treatment of the molecular world.  And we are doing it on a shoestring budget.  How can we?  We have a very dedicated game designer, Garry Gaber. He joined Immune Attack development late in the production of 1.0…  but now he is our sole Designer and programmer for IA2.0.  So wait and see how fun and engaging the molecular world is going to be!  The other part of the shoestring is Melanie Stegman, a biochemist.  By working as game designer and producer, Melanie can weave the biochemistry right into the game play.  She is also able to communicate with many different scientists (see our Scientific Advisory Group) who are very excited about Immune Attack.  These scientists are eager to add molecular detail to the game, and Melanie is the conduit/interpreter for the reams and reams of data that can be poured into the game.

So you see, we are a unique team in a unique situation.  Your funds go a long way.

Donors who contribute $500 or more to Immune Attack will have their name and company logo (Or school logo!) in IA2.0 credits.

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After clicking on “Donate” you will be redirected to the website for the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), the parent organization for the Immune Attack project.  To Donate to Immune Attack select “Immune Attack” in the “Please Direct My Donation To:” drop-down menu.

Immune Attack is free to download for educational purposes.  It is the goal of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) that both students and educators will benefit from this innovative educational tool.

FAS is a 501C(3) non-profit organization.

The Learning Technologies Program is actively engaged in the research & development of technology tools that integrate the recommendations of learning science with advances in technology.  Our research helps improve the way people learn and to help shape sound education policy.

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