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Instructor Menu

The instructor menu allows you to jump to a specific point in the game.

To access the instructor menu:

  • click Instructor Menu from the start up screen, then
  • at the password prompt, type: abc
  • press Enter on the keyboard

At the menu, click any location to start the game from that point:

    • Story Intro and Basic Training
    • Game 1: Monocyte to Macrophage (Transmigration)
    • Enter the Connective Tissue
    • Game 2: Follow the Chemical Trail (of C3a)
    • Game 3: Recognize the Enemy (Activate LPS Receptors)
    • Game 4: Eat the Pseudomonas!
    • Introducing The Neutrophil
    • Game 5: Call the Neutrophil to the Site of Infection (Activate CXCL8)
    • Game 6: Train the Neutrophil
    • Game 7: Eat the Staphyloccocus!

From within the game, revisit the Instructor Menu by clicking the game pause button.

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